EECP is a Safe and Effective Method to treat Symptomatic Heart Failure 體外反搏是治療心臟衰竭 安全 和有效的方法

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EECP is a Safe and Effective Method to treat Symptomatic Heart Failure


External counterpulsation is a safe and effective method of alleviating angina pectoris, but the mechanism of benefit is not understood.


To evaluate the safety and efficacy of external counterpulsation therapy in heart failure patients.


Fifteen symptomatic heart failure patients (subsequent to optimal medical and device therapy) underwent 35 hourly sessions of ECPT over a 7 week period. Before and after each ECPT session we performed pro-B-type natriuretic peptide and brachial artery function studies, administered a quality of life questionnaire, and assessed exercise tolerance and functional class.


Baseline left ventricular ejection fraction was 28.1+/-5.8%. ECPT was safe and well tolerated and resulted in a reduction in pro-BNP levels (from 2,245+/- 2,149 pcg/ml to 1,558+/-1206 pcg/ml, P= 0.022). Exercise duration (Naughton protocol) improved (from 720+/-389 to 893+/-436 seconds, P= 0.0001), along with functional class (2.63+/-0.6 vs. 1.93+/-0.7, P= 0.023) and quality of life scores (54+/-22 vs. 67+/-23, P= 0.001). Nitroglycerine-mediated brachial vasodilatation increased (11.5+/-7.3% vs. 15.6+/-5.2%, P=0.049), as did brachial flow-mediated dilation (8.35+/-6.0% vs. 11.37+/-4.9%, P= 0.09).


ECPT is safe for symptomatic heart failure patients and is associated with functional and neurohormonal improvement. Larger long-term randomized studies with a control arm are needed to confirm these initial encouraging observations.

「體外反搏對無症狀心臟衰竭的益處和 安全 性」


體外反搏術是一種 安全 有效緩解心絞痛的方法,但其益處機制尚不清楚。


評估體外反搏療法對心臟衰竭患者的 安全 性和有效性。




基線左心室射血分數為28.1+/-5.8%。體外反搏療法 安全 且耐受良好,降低B型利鈉肽水平。運動持續時間(Naughton方案)改善(從720+/-389秒增至893+/-436秒),功能分級和生活品質評分也有所提高。硝酸甘油介導的肱動脈擴張增加,肱動脈流介導擴張也增加。


對於症狀性心臟衰竭患者而言,體外反搏療法 安全 ,並與功能和神經激素改善相關。需要進行更大規模的長期隨機對照研究來確認這些初步令人鼓舞的觀察結果。