EECP Therapy Improves Erectile Function and Intercourse Satisfaction in Men with Refractory Angina 體外反搏治療改善 勃起功能 和性交滿意度

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EECP Therapy Improves Erectile Function and Intercourse Satisfaction in Men with Refractory Angina

Patients with refractory angina often suffer from erectile dysfunction. Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) decreases symptoms of angina, and increases nitric oxide release. This study evaluated the effect of EECP on sexual function in men with severe angina. The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) was used to assess erectile function of severe angina patients enrolled in the International EECP Patient Registry. Their symptom status, medication use, adverse clinical events and quality of life were also recorded before and after completing a course of EECP. A cohort of 120 men (mean age 65.0+/-9.7) was enrolled. The men had severe coronary disease with 69% having a prior myocardial infarction, 90% prior coronary artery bypass graft or percutaneous coronary intervention, 49% with three vessel coronary artery disease, 86% were not candidates for further revascularisation, 71% hypertensive, 83% dyslipidaemia, 42% diabetes mellitus, 75% smoking and 68% using nitrates. Functional status was low with a mean Duke Activity Status Inventory score of 16.6+/-14.8. After 35 h of EECP anginal status improved in 89%, and functional status in 63%. A comparison of the IIEF scores pre- and post-EECP therapy demonstrated a significant improvement in erectile function from 10.0+/-1.0 to 11.8+/-1.0 (p=0.003), intercourse satisfaction (4.2+/-0.5 to 5.0+/-0.5, p=0.009) and overall satisfaction (4.7+/-0.3 to 5.3+/-0.3, p=0.001). However, there were no significant changes in orgasmic function (4.2+/-0.4 to 4.6+/-0.4, p=0.19) or sexual desire (5.3+/-0.2 to 5.5+/-0.2). The findings suggest that EECP therapy is associated with improvement in erectile function in men with refractory angina.

「增強體外反搏對伴有 勃起功能 障礙的難治性心絞痛患者的影響」

患有難治性心絞痛的患者通常也會有 勃起功能 障礙。體外反搏治療(EECP)可以減輕心絞痛症狀並增加一氧化氮的釋放。本研究評估了EECP對嚴重心絞痛男性性功能的影響。我們使用國際 勃起功能 指數(IIEF)來評估EECP國際患者登記表(the International EECP Patient Registry)中嚴重心絞痛患者的 勃起功能 。我們記錄了他們於完成一個EECP療程前後的症狀狀態、藥物使用、不良臨床事件和生活質量。一共有120名男性參加了該研究。這些男性患有嚴重冠狀動脈疾病,其中69%曾有心肌梗塞,90%曾進行冠狀動脈搭橋手術或經皮冠狀動脈介入治療,49%患有三支血管冠狀動脈疾病,86%不適合進行進一步的血管重建手術,71%有高血壓,83%有血脂異常,42%有糖尿病,75%吸煙,68%使用硝酸鹽。功能狀態較低,平均杜克活動狀態指數(Duke Activity Status Inventory score)得分為16.6。經過35小時的EECP治療後,89%患者的心絞痛狀態改善,63%患者的功能狀態改善。對比EECP治療前後的IIEF評分, 勃起功能 、性交滿意度、和整體滿意度均顯著改善。然而,性高潮功能和性慾望沒有顯著改變。研究結果表明,EECP治療與改善難治性心絞痛男性的 勃起功能 有關。