External counterpulsation therapy instantly accelerates perfusion recovery in ischemic retinal areas 體外反搏治療即時加速缺血性 視網膜 區域的灌注恢復

Source From 資料來源 : https://journals.lww.com/retinajournal/abstract/2004/08000/accelerated_reperfusion_of_poorly_perfused_retinal.6.aspx

Accelerated reperfusion of poorly perfused retinal areas in central retinal artery occlusion and branch retinal artery occlusion after a short treatment with enhanced external counterpulsation


To date, no satisfactory therapy has become available for patients with acute central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) or branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO). Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) is a new noninvasive procedure that increases perfusion of inner organs. In the current study, the authors measured the impact of EECP on reperfusion in ischemic retinal tissue.


In a prospective, randomized study, 20 patients with CRAO or BRAO were included. Ten patients were given hemodilution therapy and 2 hours of EECP, and 10 patients were given regular hemodilution therapy only. Quantification of changes in retinal perfusion was carried out by means of scanning laser Doppler flowmetry (in arbitrary units).


Enhanced external counterpulsation caused no observable adverse events. A significant increase in perfusion occurred immediately after EECP in the ischemic retinal areas (57 +/- 19 arbitrary units versus 99 +/- 14 arbitrary units). In contrast, no change was measured in the group not treated with EECP (83 +/- 19 arbitrary units versus 89 +/- 44 arbitrary units). Forty-eight hours later, a significant increase in perfusion could be shown in the ischemic retina of both groups, and no significant difference of perfusion was found between the two groups any longer.


The current study suggests that EECP could be a clinically useful and safe procedure in patients with CRAO or BRAO to accelerate recovery of perfusion in ischemic retinal areas.

「體外反搏治療即時加速缺血性 視網膜 區域的灌注恢復」


目前,對於急性中央 視網膜 動脈阻塞(CRAO)或分支 視網膜 動脈阻塞(BRAO)患者,尚無令人滿意的治療方法。體外反搏治療(EECP)是一種新型非侵入性技術,可以增加內臟器官的灌注。在當前研究中,作者通過EECP對缺血性 視網膜 組織的再灌注進行了測量。


在一項前瞻性、隨機對照研究中,納入了20名CRAO或BRAO患者。其中10名患者接受稀釋血療法和2小時的EECP,另外10名患者僅接受常規稀釋血療法。通過掃描鐳射多普勒流量計(以任意單位表示)對 視網膜 灌注變化進行定量分析。


體外反搏治療未引起明顯的不良事件。在缺血性 視網膜 區域,EECP後立即出現明顯的灌注增加。相比之下,未接受EECP治療的組別中未測量到變化。48小時後,兩組的缺血 視網膜 都顯示出明顯的灌注增加,且兩組之間的灌注差異不再顯著。


當前研究表明,在CRAO或BRAO患者中,EECP可能是一種臨床上有用且安全的程式,可以加速缺血性 視網膜 區域的灌注恢復。